About Us

Downtown Muslim Association of Seattle is a non-profit organization based on the Islamic principles and values. Our members are Muslims who live or work in downtown area. Our goal is to provide information to the Muslims and non-Muslims about Islamic services and information in the greater Seattle area. Our current activities are as follows:

·         Provide Musalla Prayer Room in Downtown Seattle.
Musalla Prayer Room is opens to public Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The Musalla is located on the 2rd floor Room# 225. Enter from the bottom floor on 6th Avenue.

·         Organize Jummah Prayer (Friday Prayer)
Jummah Prayer starts promptly every Friday at 12:30 PM during the winter half of the year when we are under Standard Time and at 1:15 PM during the summer half of the year when we are under Daylight Savings Time. The Jummah Prayer is held on the second floor in the Hildebrand Hall.

·         Collect and Distribute Sadaqah Funds Donations.
Sadaqah Funds Donations and Distribution – Currently we are providing shelter beds prioritized for homeless Muslims. At this time we do not handle Zakat.